In addition to the academic program, CIS offers a vibrant co-curricular program of athletics and clubs, which all coincide with the schoolwide House System. 

The CIS Athletic Program is built on the belief that teamwork affords valuable life lessons critical to character education. Through sport, we are committed to teaching athletic skills, so later in life students have the confidence and desire to be active, exercise, and play recreational sports. CIS students have the opportunity to play many sports. For the 2016-17 school year CIS is fielding 30 Athletic Teams, which includes students from ages 7-18 in varied sports including but not limited to Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming and Volleyball.

Twice a week all CIS students participate in an after school Club Program. The Primary & Junior Club Program is team based and exposes the students to a wide range of athletic, academic, and artistic activities. The Intermediate & Senior Club Program offers more specialized clubs run over a longer period of time such as game-based learning, creative coding, photography, culinary, and the yearbook. Many clubs have been generated by students’ commitments to a social cause: Habitat for Humanity, Hand to Paw, Anti Human Trafficking. This exposure to issues of social responsibility enables  students to develop their skills as global citizens giving  back to their community.

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The House System is brand new to CIS and is a tradition in many international schools around the world. It is meant to increase school spirit by way of healthy competition in a team environment, while adding an increased feeling of belonging and sense of tradition. Students will be able to earn points based on many things, from sports to music to academic performance.