AGT is supporting individuals and groups in rural communities to thrive through the AGT Small Grants Program.

2017/18 AGT Small Grants Program Now Open

The first program of its kind delivered by an Australian plant breeding company, the AGT Small Grants Program is designed to support the adoption, or better utilisation, of improved field varieties by farmers and activities that directly link to plant breeding research.

By contributing $30,000 per annum back to regional communities, AGT hopes to foster and showcase innovation across regional Australia by collaborating with people in the grains industry and recognise of the important role farmers play in a vibrant agricultural industry.

“Regional people are innovative and forward thinking,” stated Haydn Kuchel, AGT Chief Executive Officer.  “We really value innovation at AGT because every one of our plant breeding programmes rely on it to create our improved field crop varieties. The AGT Small Grants Program is a way for us to further support individual and group innovation that leads to improved farming systems.”

“Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a big leap forward, whether that is through gaining knowledge or new skills, or trying something different.  It is our hope that funding from this program will inspire people and be a catalyst for growth across Australia.”

Applications are now open for the 2017/18 AGT Small Grants Program

Individuals and groups are encouraged to apply for funding via  Assessment of applications to the AGT Small Grants Program will be measured against the following criteria:

  • The activity/project is unique and not part of an ongoing or recurring activity/project
  • The recipient is directly involved in the grains industry, with preference given to individuals working pre-farm gate (on farm)
  • How closely the activity/project relates to supporting adoption or utilisation of improved field varieties by farmers
  • Activities/projects for which there are no other readily available funding support
  • Activities may, but are not required to,  link to plant breeding research
  • Location of the activity/project and recipient, in relation to past AGT grant investment
  • The extent to which the recipient is able to demonstrate AGT’s support for the activity/project

The AGT Small Grants Program will remain open for applications until 31 January 2018.  Further future rounds of funding may open at the discretion of AGT if funding is not exhausted.

“We really encourage the agricultural industry to get behind this program and apply for funding.  AGT are intentionally giving a broad scope for projects or activities that may qualify for funding, to see what innovation and opportunities are out there in the regions,” commented Haydn.  “We are really looking forward to hearing what ideas people have to help their communities thrive and we are excited to be in a position to collaborate with them.”