CISS "EXihibition" 2018

CISS "EXihibition" 2018

CISS EX 2018 took place on April 21, 2018 at all campuses in the systems. This is an annual event where students were able to display the projects that they had worked on throughout the school year. This was also an opportunity for parents to learn more about the values that CISS wants to bring to students.

CIS Campus

Just like the previous years, many students’ work are exhibited inside and outside classrooms.


The most exciting part of the CISS EX this year were arts performances. The Terry Fox room was full of parents and students everytime the band played.


There were Jazz band and drama performances outside the Terry Fox room

Thanks to the dance team, the Front Foyer was filled with music and energy

The display about Hung King Day theme

Art for Action Marketplace

BCIS Campus

The series of information sessions helped parents learn more about BCIS program and values.


Each grade chose the most impressive project to showcase. For example, grade 2’s exhibition was about air and water pollution, as well as water conservation; grade 3 talked about forces causing movement, and grade 4 had the heritage fair.

Makerspace with their wonderful robots attracted a lot of attention.


More photos:

CIS Campus

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